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Why would the sixties be a harbinger of old age?

Are you irritable, experience a decline in self-esteem and wonder: Am I still the same person I was in my youthful daydreaming days? Did I make my wishes come true? If you have a feeling that you haven’t, that you are stuck in a dead end, and all of a sudden you are struggling with plans like how to make as much money as possible, get promoted at work, have sex with at least one other woman who is not your wife, etc., then you are facing a midlife crisis. Yes, it’s happened to you too, even though years ago it seemed like just like another cliché. Nothing to worry about. You can experience everything! And nothing is lost. It is only important that you are in good psychophysical condition so that you can achieve your desired goals. Even if that happens in your fifties or sixties. Why would the sixties be a harbinger of old age? As long as you feel young and your body is able to function to your desired capabilities, the whole world is yours, you’ve not missed out on anything and the numbers are just lines written down on paper.

But why not make at least some of the desires you have suddenly come to crave come true? Think of a new car, if money allows it, plan an unforgettable trip, flirt with a sexy waitress. Just ponder the line between actions that will boost your self-esteem and those that will hurt the people around you. And never forget to take your NMN capsule in the morning :)

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