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Why are we ageing?

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Can we slow down ageing?

Often, we hear that we are as old as we feel. And partly that is true.
We need to stop thinking that ageing is something that we have no influence on and that it is happening by itself. How can we feel better, more vital, healthier and, as a result of that, look younger? We just need to take the right step!
Let's see what we can do today to stay healthy and feel better tomorrow.


First, let's explain some basic concepts. Simplified.

A cell - is the basic building and functional unit of all living organisms. Cells are the smallest parts of organisms that are alive, so we often call them the building blocks of life. The human body is composed of about 100 trillion cells.


A cell composition - all cells have a membrane that surrounds the cell and controls the flow of matter into and out of the cell. The membrane is made of a double layer of phospholipids (fat) and various protein molecules.

Most of the interior is cytoplasm or cell juice in which various substances are dissolved. All cells contain DNA - heirloom and RNA, which contains instructions for building the protein needed to build cellular components.


NAD + (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) - is found in all living cells and is essential for life. It allows the cells to convert the food we eat into the energy we need. We can call it the natural fuel that every cell relies on.

NAD + is also a communication molecule between the cell nucleus and the mitochondria, which are "factories" for energy production in the cell. When NAD + levels are low, communication and mitochondrial dysfunction may occur. When this happens, various defects occur.


The level of NAD + becomes lower with ageing. By the age of 50, the average person can only have half of the NAD + they had at a young age. By the age of 80, the level of NAD + is reduced to only 1 -10% of the level at a young age. NAD + in the body is also decreased by lifestyle; unhealthy eating and lack of exercise.


Whey - is the primary regulator of cellular ageing because it has an impact on the basic functions, i.e. DNA repair and inflammatory responses. It has a significant role in whether cells shall start the dividing cycle or die. It is therefore vital for cellular metabolism (the formation and decomposition of a substance in the body).

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NMN - can be found in nature and obtained from nutritional sources such as fruits, milk and vegetables. NMN is used to create NAD +, powerful and essential molecules found in every cell of the body.

Starlife supplement NMN powder


Whey is of major importance for the health of the cells in our body. For the well-functioning and increased activation of SIRT1 which greatly contributes to better cell regeneration, reduces their dying and improves their metabolism, we need the highest possible NAD + level in our body, which is achieved by adding NMN or NR nutritional supplements, resveratrol, consuming healthy and diverse diet, low calorie intake, reduced stress exposure and regular physical activity.

The answers to the above questions are therefore clear.

It is up to you to decide whether or not to change your lifestyle and move on to a better tomorrow.


At this point, we present our top products, and in a blog that you can follow in the future, we will direct you to a healthier lifestyle. We also look forward to hearing your feedback.



Do you want the energy of a 20-year-old? Do you feel clumsy, dissatisfied and indulge in the idea that old age is what it is and that life simply can’t be better than it used to be? It's not true. Get started now.

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