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What is the link between a longer lifespan, Resveratrol and NMN?

And why is the combination of the two even more effective?

Professor David Sinclair describes resveratrol and NMN as key in the activation of sirtuin which plays a central role in functions that allow us to live longer. He describes resveratrol as a "gas pedal” that increases the activation of sirtuin, while NMN functions as a fuel. Without such "fuel", resveratrol will not and cannot work. The reason that resveratrol will not work effectively without NMN is in the NAD levels which are of essential importance for generation of energy in our cells. We need it to activate sirutin. By taking resveratrol, you increase the activation of sirtuin, and by adding NMN to your diet, you ensure that sirtuins have enough energy to function properly.

How can I get my energy back?
How to get enough energy to function properly?

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