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David A. Sinclair on how to stay physically healthy and mentally sharp?

We seem to be getting closer and closer to that. At least if we believe at least a little dr. David Sinclair, author of the New York Times bestseller Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don't Have To.

David A. Sinclair is one of the world's most renowned scientists and entrepreneurs, known for studying ageing and how to reverse it. He is a full professor of genetics at the Blavatnik Institute and at Harvard Medical School, co-director of the Paul Aging Biology Research Center. F Glenn at Harvard and Head of the Aging Research Laboratory at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. He is also an emeritus professor at the University of Sydney.

Suppose you google David A. Sinclair on the web. In that case, you quickly find that his work is regularly reported in various newspapers, podcasts, and television. He guest-starred on Barbara Walters in 60 Minutes, in the Morgan Freeman Through the Worm series; he was Joe Rogan's guest. He appeared in the Dave Asprey Bulletproof podcast.

But why is David so sought after and popular?

David is studying genes and small molecules that delay ageing, including whey genes, resveratrol and NAD precursors. He is convinced that it is crucial that we, as a society, change our thinking about ageing.

His theory is significantly explained in the book Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don't Have To, but if we summarize quickly and simple:

  • Eat as little sugar, bread and pasta as possible.

  • Eating less food, insofar as it is suggested to skip at least one meal a day or eat at least one specifically smaller than the others.

  • It suggests a lot of movement, if you are strong, performing HIIT training or intensive training (we will write more about intensive training in the future)

  • Eating lots of plant-based foods and reducing the amount of meat consumed.

  • Quit smoking.

  • Brief exposure to temperature changes (article on cryotherapy follows).

He also takes various dietary supplements, including NMN, resveratrol, metformin, doses of vitamin D and K2 and aspirin.

More about the latest findings on ageing, the positive effects of certain dietary supplements and the studies in which they are included in his latest book. We recommend it.


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