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Sun cream helps erase wrinkles

Studies show that it's no longer just about prevention.

In summer, there's no end of articles about protecting yourself from the sun's dangerous rays. And yet, we're adding our contribution.

We have written before that sun protection is essential for your health. Not only is sunscreen the best way to prevent wrinkles, sun spots and general redness, but research shows that sunscreens prevent new sun damage and can repair existing sun damage.

Sun cream helps erase wrinkles.
Sun cream helps erase wrinkles.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. published research in the journal Dermatologic Surgery showing that daily SPF prevents wrinkle-causing UV rays and can help reverse the signs of ageing. The researchers asked a group of 32 participants to apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 moisturizer to their faces daily for a year. They then examined them every few weeks to assess skin texture, clarity and pigmentation issues. After 52 weeks, most participants noticed a significant improvement in their skin without any other anti-ageing products.

Those with pronounced freckling pigmentation achieved the best results - a 52 per cent increase in evenness of complexion. The group of participants