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How to slow down ageing and stay healthy?

  1. Eat less.

  2. Try intermittent fasting. Skip breakfast and/or lunch whenever possible.

  3. Drink lots of green tea.

  4. Start running 1-2 times a week, combining low and high intensity intervals.

  5. Start lifting weights 1-2 times a week.

  6. Visit the sauna once a week – especially recommended during winter period. Also strengthens immunity.

  7. Help your body produce protective substances by consuming a body-defense supplements.

With age, the body produces less and less of them, so it is good to consume natural extracts and use them to regulate deficiencies. This rejuvenates the tissues and restores a youthful strength. We recommend Starlife Trans-Resveratrol and Pure NMN supplement, which are available at a particularly affordable price in our Starter Pack or in 3-Pack packs.

Transport and delivery to all EU countries is free of charge.

Top quality NMN supplement, of the highest quality and purity, made and tested in a verified laboratory in Europe, can be purchased in our GoStarlife online store.
How to slow down aging and stay healthy? We recommend Starlife NMN, purest and the best NMN Supplement in Europe..

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